Fundraising: Reports to Fundraising Director.  This position involves planning, scheduling and coordinating the tasks needed for various fundraisers throughout the year.
Social Media: Reports to the Marketing Director.  Responsible for contents and maintenance of the GVEBC Twitter and Facebook pages.
Website Design/Content: Reports to the Marketing Director.  Responsible for contents and maintenance of the GVEBC Website.
Sponsorships: Oversee the GVEBC Sponsorship program.  Collect the scholarship packets.. Coordinate with a panel to view applications and pick the most deserving candidates for a senior scholarship.
Inventory Controller: Reports to Concession Director. Responsible for maintaining concession supply inventory.
Concession Stand Leads: Stadium/Outdoor Complex/HS Gym/NMS/SMS: Reports to Concession Director.  Responsible for Supervising stand. To assure stand is opened/closed for scheduled events, stock supplies, assist volunteers with any questions.
Team Parent Coordinator: Maintains the Team Parent Handbook, oversees team parents & their duties as they relate to the GVEBC.
Baccalaureate Coordinator: Coordinates and oversees of the event with the assistance of the GV Ministerial Council and the FCA.
Grad Night Coordinator: Creates a committee to plan the event and all details pertaining to Grad Night.  Works with senior sponsors to communicate the information.
Hospitality Room Coordinator: Coordinates and oversees the hospitality room for tournaments hosted at Grain Valley High School.

Nominee’s To Be Announced

 March 6th, 2019

General Membership Meeting - 7pm

 Grain Valley High School Commons

Grain Valley Eagles Booster Club 2019-2020 Nomination Form

It is time to propose a slate of officers and committee head positions for the Grain Valley Eagles Booster Club (GVEBC).  Please use this form to nominate yourself and/or others for the positions listed below. Please remember, self – nominations are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED!   Also, if you know someone who would be an asset to the board, please nominate them! 

Submit Separate Entry for Each Person You Would Like to Nominate

President: Presides over all meetings and committees.  Ensures all procedural steps are taken relating to GVEBC insurance. Coordinates the work of Officers and Committee Heads in order that the Purposes may be promoted.  Meets with the Activities Director on a regular basis.
Secretary: Directly supports the President.  Takes minutes & prepares agendas for all general membership & board meetings, maintains a GVEBC master calendar of events and handles all booster club subscriptions/renewals. 
 Fundraising Director: Oversees Committee Heads for all approved fundraisers for the year.  Updates GVEBC Officers weekly/monthly of fundraising statuses.
Marketing Director:  Oversees the Committee Heads of GVEBC's social media pages and website.  Approves all contents and posts.  Oversees and assists the GVEBC Sponsorship program & procedures.
Concessions Director: Oversees the High School and Middle School concession stands.  Coordinates the scheduling for each season.  Concession Leads and Inventory Controller report directly to the Concessions Director.
Database Coordinator: Maintains the Charms database and all its contents.  Trains incoming Team Parents and new Officers on the database system.
Communications Director: Oversees Committee Heads for Team Parents, Grad Night, Baccalaureate and Hospitality Rooms.
Scholarship Director: Determines essay criteria.  Finds volunteers to review essays.  Works directly with the high school counseling center to post scholarships on the district website.

Parliamentarian: Advises the President in all matters of Parliamentary procedures.  Reviews bylaws for any changes.  Serves as Chairman of the Nominating Committee

Treasurer:  Processes all accounts receivable/payable business and maintains profit and loss statements. .